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Slick Gorilla Hair Spray Why It’s Slick Take control of your look and lock in your style with Slick Gorilla hairspray.

Slick Gorilla Hair Spray

Why It’s Slick

Take control of your look and lock in your style with Slick Gorilla hairspray. The powerful and protective spray leaves hair strong and sturdy, keeping your style safe all day. Target all the senses with a natural fragrance and a dry matte finish to complete your unique style. Hairspray provides the ultimate finishing touch to all hair types, the perfect partnership with the entire range of Slick Gorilla products.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the UK
  • Softly scented


  • Applicable to any hair type & length
  • Invisible finish
  • Ultimate hold
  • Compatible with entire Slick Gorilla range of hair products
  • Can add finishing touches before setting
  • Easy to hold bottle (size & shape)


Slick Tip:

“Hold the hairspray at least 10cm away from hair, this allows you to cover the entire style and neither neglect or concentrate on specific areas. Apply more product to certain features of styles like quiffs that require extra hold. Shake the can well and always cover yours/client’s eyes before applying” – Sam Bentham, Creative Director


How To Get The Best Results?

Once you have completed your style using a combination of Slick Gorilla products, finish off your fresh faded and desired look by applying the hairspray directly to the hair. Shake the can well and apply the spray at a distance so you cover the whole area of the style. Add any finishing touches to the style you may need before the solution starts to set and hold for an all-day look.

Applying the spray at a distance means you will not concentrate or disregard any area of the hair. If there is a certain area of the style you feel needs more hold than others, bring the hair spray closer and apply a concentrated amount of spray.



How to style
Works with 
any hair type
Not tested
 on animals
Free UK Delivery Over £20

How to style

  1. 01

    Shake can before applying to hair

  2. 02

    Cover eyes before applying

  3. 03

    Spray at least 10cm away from hair

  4. 04

    Cover entire style with the spray

  5. 05

    Shape and add final touches before hair spray sets and holds


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